Swedish school for new arrivals


Special education for adults - särvux


People with developmental disabilities or some type of brain damage have the right to special education for adults. The school helps the student find out what they already know so that their studies can be adapted to that. This is called ‘validation’. Each student receives help from a study and career guidance counselor in making an individual study plan. You must have reached the age of 20 in order to be allowed to go here.

In special education for adults you can:

  • Study at the elementary or upper secondary level
  • Choose between various courses
  • Study Swedish for Immigrants in parallel
  • Study in a vocational programme

How the programme is organized

A person lacking the knowledge obtained in elementary school can study courses at the elementary level.

There are also courses at the upper secondary level. These are the same courses studied in special education for adults at the upper secondary level in a special upper secondary school.


Students who are finished with courses at the elementary or upper secondary level are given marks. You can receive an A, B, C, D, or E, which is the lowest mark.

Would you like to know more?

Contact your municipality. You can find the contact information on your municipality’s website.