Swedish school for new arrivals


Municipal adult education – Komvux


Municipal adult education (komvux in Swedish) is for students who need to study courses at the elementary or upper secondary level but are too old to study in elementary school or upper secondary school. Also those who lack knowledge normally obtained in elementary school thus have the right to study in komvux at the elementary level.

In komvux, those age 20 or older can study one or more courses to then, for example, continue their studies at a college or a vocational school, or can start working. The student’s prior knowledge is assessed before their studies, so that the instruction can begin at the correct level.

At komvux, you can:

  • Study SFI and courses from elementary and upper secondary school
  • Study for an upper secondary diploma, corresponding to upper secondary school
  • Supplement courses to increase your qualifications
  • Receive vocational training

How the programme is organized

There may be the opportunity to study full-time, part-time, or via distance learning. There may also be an opportunity to study certain courses, or parts of courses, at a workplace.

A student who meets the qualification requirements can combine studies at different levels within different types of school. For example, by combining other studies in komvux with instruction in Swedish for Immigrants (SFI).

For a student studying at the elementary level who does not have sufficient ability in Swedish, there may be the opportunity to go through certain courses in their own native language. Contact your municipality for more information, if this of interest.


Komvux uses the A–F grading scale, the same – for example – as in elementary school and in upper secondary school. A is the highest grade, and F is a failing grade. Grades must be given for every completed course.