Swedish school for new arrivals


Adult education

For young adults


Many paths for young adults

As a newly-arrived immigrant to Sweden, you have access to the many possibilities of the Swedish school system. Children up to age 15 are required to attend school, and go to Swedish elementary schools. But what does someone who’s turned 16 and is coming to Sweden to have their education supplemented? There are many paths to choose from in education for adults. The municipality helps assess the individual student’s abilities and experiences based on its responsibility for monitoring.

The most important thing for getting a job and entering Swedish society is supplementing the subjects and courses you lack to get a diploma for elementary school and upper secondary school. It may be a path to jobs or a vocational programme, and also for further study at university or college.

Needs are different, and it is possible to combine different programmes and courses based on the individual’s needs and conditions. An individual study plan is made, in which the first step is learning Swedish through an introduction to the Swedish language in upper secondary school or Swedish for immigrants (SFI). In parallel with this, there are many types of schools in order to get a job or study further. In principle, they are all free of charge.

At schools and in the municipality, there is access to study and career guidance counselors who can provide more information on both the programmes and the Swedish job market.