Swedish school for new arrivals


The Swedish education system in brief

Your child can attend preschool from the time he or she is 1 year old. Play is an important element of preschool. When your child turns 6, he/she can attend preschool class. Both preschool and preschool class are voluntary. 

All children attend comprehensive school from about the age of 7. Comprehensive school is compulsory, and compulsory schooling applies for years 1-9.  

Most young people then attend upper secondary school for three years. New arrivals who have received a permanent residence permit  are entitled to begin their upper secondary education before the end of the spring term in the year they turn 20; for asylum seekers this limit is the year they turn 18. However, there are also certain requirements for recognised grades from earlier education. Upper secondary school prepares pupils for university or university college, or for going on to employment without further education. 

Film about school in Sweden 

The film gives an overview of the Swedish education system